Constantia Restaurant - East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9NX
Greek and International Dishes - Fresh Local Produce
Open 7.00pm Monday - Sataurday
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(mon - thu) (v) = Vegetarian

Weekday Menu

Special weekday menu
Chilled melon monte carlo - £6.50
A favorite light starter - melon with prawns
Prawn cocktail - £6.50
Prawns with cocktail sauce and side salad
Zanziki a la Greque - £5.50
Greek yoghurt with chopped cucumber and mint, with salad and hot pitta bread
Hummus - £5.50
Greek chick pea pate with olive oil and garlic served with salad and hot pitta bread
Avocado Frassida - £6.50
Avocado salad with prawns and taramosalada
Grilled Haloumi with olives - £5.75
Greek cheese with side salad
Lounza - £6.50
Traditional Greek appetizer - Smoked loin of pork grilled and served with side salad and mayonnaise
Mushroom saganaki - £5.50
Mushrooms served with sweet tomato, garlic and feta cheese sauce
Fried whitbait - £5.40
Served with salad
Kalamari - £6.50
Fried squid with side salad
Specialty Greek main course
Lamb a la Constantia - £14.50
Lamb on the bone with red wine sauce, mushrooms, onions, garlic, cougettes, aubergines, asparagus and cream
Shashlik souvlaki - £15.50
Mixed grilled souvlaki with beef, chicken and king prawns, served with rice, salad and chili salsa sauce on the side
Beef stifado - £15.50
Traditional dish, cubes of beef, cooked in red wine, onions and spices
Chicken Santorini - £15.75
Breast of chicken with scallops, capsicum and white wine sauce
Meat/Fish main course
Chicken Chasseur - £11.50
Breast of chicken in a red wine sauce with mushrooms and onions
Sirloin a la Constantia - £16.50
Sirloin steak with red wine sauce, mushrooms, onions, garlic, courgettes, aubergines, asparagus and cream
Grilled fillet steak - £17.50
Served with onion rings, friend mushrooms and tomato
Grilled sirloin steak - £15.50
Served with onion rings, friend mushrooms and tomato
Tornado Rossini - £18.50
Fillet steak with red wine sauce onions and pate
King prawns skordato - £17.50
King prawns pan fried with garlic cream sauce
Seafood Cyprus - £15.50
A seafood favorite - salmon with scallops and prawns in white wine sauce
Vegetarian main course
Vegetarian Moussaka - £10.00
Layers of banflanche potatoes with Mediterranean vegetables, topped with white wine sauce and cheese
Vegetarian stuffed pepper - £11.00
Peppers stuffed with a mix of tomatoes and herbs with rice, topped with white wine sauce and cheese
Vegetarian Dolmades - £10.50
Vegan dish - Greek vine leaves soaked in red wine rolled with rice, tomatoes and herbs
Children’s main course
Grilled chicken kebab - £7.50
Small pieces of chicken served on a skewer with French fries and peas
Small grilled steak - £8.00
Grilled sirloin steak with tomato, mushrooms, French fries and peas
Small moussaka - £7.50
Layers of banflanche potatoes, minced beef, aubergine, courgette and tomato, topped with white sauce and cheese
Side order
Greek salad with feta cheese - £5.50
Greek style dressed with olive oil
Garlic bread - £3.50
Olives - £3.50
Hot pitta bread - £2.50
Add olive oil and lemon dip
A selection of desserts from the trolly served with fresh cream (optional) - £3.50
Cheese served with side salad - £3.50
Add a glass of port £3.00
Coffee served with petit fours - £1.50
All dishes served with a selection of seasonal vegetables
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