Constantia Restaurant - East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9NX
Greek and International Dishes - Fresh Local Produce
Open 7.00pm Monday - Sataurday
Bookings 01263 512017

(mon - thu) (v) = Vegetarian


Meze - £30.00 (per person)

A variety of small tapas style traditional Greek dishes
Three courses (Minimum order two people)
Meze first course
A variety of Greek dips
Taramosalada (fish pate with cream, garlic and lemon) Hummus (chick pea pate with side salad and hot pitta bread)
Meze second course
A variety of fish dishes
Kalamari tiganito, fried whitebait and fresh crab with garlic butter and lemon sauce (when in season) served with Greek salad
Meze third course
A variety of meat dishes
Spiced beef marinated in red wine with mushrooms and onions. Dolmades (Vine leaves stuffed with rice, minced beef and tomato. Kleftiko (Lamb on the bone with lemon sauce and chopped salad. Served with fresh vegetables and banflanche potatoes
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