Constantia Restaurant - East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9NX
Greek and International Dishes - Fresh Local Produce
Open 7.00pm Monday - Sataurday
Bookings 01263 512017

(FRI - SAT) (v) = Vegetarian

Weekend set menu

(Friday - Saturday) £27.00
Fresh vegetable soup (v)
Served with croutons
Prawn cocktail (v)
Prawns on a bed of salad with prawn cocktail sauce
Taramosalada a la Greque
Creamy fish pate with cod roe served on salad and hot pitta bread
Zanziki a la Greque
Greek yogurt with chopped cucumber and mint, served with salad and hot pitta bread
Garlic mushrooms
In hot garlic butter
Chilled melon
A favorite light starter
Avocado frassida
Avocado salad with prawns, taramosalada and hot pitta bread
Fried squid with side salad and tartar sauce
Fried whitebait
Served side salad and tartar sauce
Specialty Greek main course
Traditional Greek dish - Lamb on the bone with lemon sauce, highly recommended
Sirloin a la Constantia
Sirloin steak with red wine sauce, mushrooms, onions, garlic, courgettes, aubergines, asparagus and cream
Chicken princess
Breast of chicken topped with a creamy white wine sauce, cheese and asparagus
Beef stifado
Traditional Greek dish, cubes of beef with red wine and onions
Vegetarian stuffed pepper
Peppers stuffed with a mix of tomatoes and herbs with rice, topped with a white wine sauce and cheese
Vegetarian dolmades
Vegan dish - Greek vine leaves soaked in red wine rolled with rice tomatoes and herbs
Home style dish with layers of potatoes, minced beef, aubergines and courgettes, topped with a white wine sauce and cheese
Seafood Cyprus
Fish speciality, salmon with scallops and prawns in white wine sauce
All dishes are served with a selection of seasonal vegetables
A choice of desserts from the trolly
Filter coffee and petit fours
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